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Get your house (style) in order

When is it time to create your organization’s house style guide? On a day that ends with “y.” Nothing screams competence like consistency. Suppose your company, ministry, or group wants to be perceived as knowing what it’s talking about. In that case, consistency in...

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Write for the reader

Don’t forget to put the reader first if you're a writer. Yes, I know, your prose is delicate and was formed On High, but if the reader doesn’t get what you’re saying or, worse, realizes that you’re trying to draw more attention to your style than to the information...

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Cereal box literature

Let's face it: Cereal companies conditioned Boomers to read while we indulged in a bowl of whatever (Quisp, anyone?). As an adult, what's your favorite reading material while having your bran? Mine used to be the physical newspaper, but now I tend toward blogs and,...

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