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About Mike Miller

Mike Miller has written for his entire adult life and edited for nearly as long. He started working at the Journal Star daily newspaper in Peoria, Illinois, in 1978, covering local governments and writing feature stories. After an eight-year stint on the copy desk, where he edited stories and designed news and feature pages, Mike took over production of the paper’s TV book but, more importantly, pioneered a religion beat. That section expanded over the years, with Mike adding a weekly column and contributing to the paper’s content in other ways. In 2006, he won first place in the Illinois Press Association Feature Writing competition for a package of stories on a homesteading family in central Illinois.

The central Illinois native moved on to a new role as a communications specialist for a Peoria-based health care sharing ministry in 2008. There he developed content and production of the ministry’s monthly newsletter, which goes out to more than 84,000 households (as of June 2022); coordinated public relations content; and contributed to the creation and development of the ministry’s social media presence. His book, Sharing the Burden: The Samaritan Ministries Story, was published in 2020.

Mike brings his writing and editing skills to a variety of challenges, including copyediting and proofing of fiction and nonfiction books, academic papers, and, most recently, content devoted to serving those in the persecuted church.

Mike Miller cares for your copy like no one else will, making sure it’s fashioned in the way you’d like to present it to the world. Let Mike help you from start (coaching you on your content) to execution (writing) to finish (editing and proofing), or at any point along your publication journey.

Rate card available upon request.